New Year's Jump Start

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New Year's Jump Start

Jump Start

When we think about New Year’s resolutions, it’s easy to envision healthy diets, workout routines and cutting out bad habits. If you put on a couple pounds during the holidays, you might eat better to drop the extra weight before beach season. If you stopped working out, you may renew that fitness regimen to get you back into shape.

Residential homes are no different. After year’s of hard work, most homes need a change and refresh. They require attention to make sure that any dings, chips, scrapes or compromised areas are fixed and back to their best shape. But most importantly, these homes should be as clean and effective in maintaining a safe and healthy area as possible.

Your home is most likely ready for TLC to ensure it’s ready for a busy and healthy new year. 

Here’s a good one-two punch to make sure your spaces are ready for the new year – both inside and out:

  • View your space with your guests in mind.

When you own a home, it can be easy to get used to slight imperfections and scuffs that can happen over the course of months (or years.) But, to friends and visitors, these imperfections can leap out and make your home seem unattended or disheveled. In addition, compromised paint surfaces can inhibit the protection that many paint and sealant products offer.

Take a few minutes to walk around the inside and outside of your home and make note of any areas that should be repaired or refreshed to make the best impression on guests.


  • Clean it and actually mean it.

You probably know about the importance of investing in your home,  but do you know that there are paint products that can actually kill germs and maintain more clean and healthy environments for your families and visitors Sherwin-Williams Paint Shield® is the first EPA-registered microbicidal paint that kills greater than 99.9% of Staph, MRSA,  E. coli and other bacteria. That’s right: this paint doesn’t just inhibit bacteria and microorganism growth on your surfaces, it KILLS them. The effectiveness lasts for up to four years and provides peace of mind for you and your guests.

Don’t just make your rooms look pretty, make it truly safe and clean with products that support all of your other sanitation and maintenance efforts, as well as families and visitors.  

Don’t think your guests won’t notice the changes?  Take advantage of this time to create a welcoming environment for every person that enters your home.  Let your loved ones and guests know that you care about their comfort and safety as you keep your space clean, healthy and looking great!