The Realities of Home Renovation
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The Realities of Home Renovation

Our List of Realities

Considering taking on a home renovation? Make sure you’ve thought through these key points before you start knocking down walls.

Planning and budgeting for a home renovation can quickly go from exciting to overwhelming. By being prepared with ample research and planning, you can stay calm throughout the whole process. Here’s what you need to know to ensure smooth sailing:

1. True Cost

The quote or contract from your contractor may give you an allowance budget or you might just set aside what you think you need for fixtures, appliances, lighting, etc., but this is where detail becomes a necessity. Sure, it can be tempting to guess at these numbers when you already have your hands full with other renovation details but watch out because this is an area that can quickly break your budget.

For instance, you may have your mind set on a certain type of cabinet style and assume it’s within the allowance set by your contractor but find out the price is double when you go to the cabinet supplier. Having a specific list of all the allowance costs and actually making your selections before you start your renovation, is the best way to get a clear picture of your true costs, and steer you clear of disappointments.

2. Timeline

Obviously, everyone would like their project to go as efficiently as possible, which is why it’s important to have a clear understanding of aspects of the project that will ultimately affect the timeline:

  • Permits
  • Contractor availability
  • Supplier wait times

It took two weeks to obtain a permit for a project I recently managed in a city with many construction projects underway. Your contractor may have several projects to manage at one time, or only manage one project at a time. Knowing your contractor’s schedule will help to keep expectations realistic. Also, waiting on certain supplies can keep a project from moving forward. For example, a countertop template cannot be done until the base cabinets are installed. During busy times, it can take over two weeks for the countertops to be finished, and the rest of the project (plumbing, fixtures, etc.) cannot be done until the countertop is installed. Don’t let this happen to you!

3. Involvement

Do you enjoy managing projects? Do you have a hard time making design decisions or envisioning what a structural change will look like? Do you prefer to have someone else be the point person for questions? Having a realistic expectation of how involved you can be, or would like to be, is critical to your project going well and keeping your stress level low. Taking a step back, and thinking about this, will help you to decide if you need the help of an interior design professional and what type of contractor you are looking for.

4. Contractor

Finding a contractor, you are comfortable working with, and trust will produce quality work, is critical to the success of your home improvement project.  Start by asking for referrals from friends and family.  In addition, there are many online resources where you can check contractor reviews.  Next, I recommend meeting with several contractors to compare estimates and decide which one feels like the right fit.  Having that list of allowance costs, your desired timeline, and a clear understanding of your level of involvement, will help to ensure that you are comparing apples to apples with each contractor.  Remember: a written contract with as much detail as possible is one of the keys to a successful renovation.

Good luck with your home improvement project!

Do you want a home renovation professionally done and completed the right way? RenovateResidential offers a wide range of services of all sizes including ongoing property repair and maintenance services committed to delivering excellent results. Contact our team today to learn more about our services!

New Year's Jump Start
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New Year's Jump Start

Jump Start

When we think about New Year’s resolutions, it’s easy to envision healthy diets, workout routines and cutting out bad habits. If you put on a couple pounds during the holidays, you might eat better to drop the extra weight before beach season. If you stopped working out, you may renew that fitness regimen to get you back into shape.

Residential homes are no different. After year’s of hard work, most homes need a change and refresh. They require attention to make sure that any dings, chips, scrapes or compromised areas are fixed and back to their best shape. But most importantly, these homes should be as clean and effective in maintaining a safe and healthy area as possible.

Your home is most likely ready for TLC to ensure it’s ready for a busy and healthy new year. 

Here’s a good one-two punch to make sure your spaces are ready for the new year – both inside and out:

  • View your space with your guests in mind.

When you own a home, it can be easy to get used to slight imperfections and scuffs that can happen over the course of months (or years.) But, to friends and visitors, these imperfections can leap out and make your home seem unattended or disheveled. In addition, compromised paint surfaces can inhibit the protection that many paint and sealant products offer.

Take a few minutes to walk around the inside and outside of your home and make note of any areas that should be repaired or refreshed to make the best impression on guests.


  • Clean it and actually mean it.

You probably know about the importance of investing in your home,  but do you know that there are paint products that can actually kill germs and maintain more clean and healthy environments for your families and visitors Sherwin-Williams Paint Shield® is the first EPA-registered microbicidal paint that kills greater than 99.9% of Staph, MRSA,  E. coli and other bacteria. That’s right: this paint doesn’t just inhibit bacteria and microorganism growth on your surfaces, it KILLS them. The effectiveness lasts for up to four years and provides peace of mind for you and your guests.

Don’t just make your rooms look pretty, make it truly safe and clean with products that support all of your other sanitation and maintenance efforts, as well as families and visitors.  

Don’t think your guests won’t notice the changes?  Take advantage of this time to create a welcoming environment for every person that enters your home.  Let your loved ones and guests know that you care about their comfort and safety as you keep your space clean, healthy and looking great!

Gather Renovation Ideas From These Shows
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Gather Renovation Ideas From These Shows

The Shows

Renovation inspiration can strike at any time. But, it never seems to strike when we need it to. That’s when we outsource, to draw inspiration from experts, communities, and the digital world. Scrolling through Pinterest can be overwhelming and lack the details you need to realistically get the job done.

This is why we’re fans of good old fashioned home renovation TV shows. These TV shows will not only give you the inspiration you need to spark incredible change but will give you an insight into the steps, time, tools and budget you’ll need to get the job done. We’re sharing our favorite renovation shows that stay up-to-date on trends and give you a realistic look into the process.

  1. Reno my Reno

We love this show for two big reasons. Not only do they show viewers what they should be doing, but what they shouldn’t. Host Dave Depencier comes to the rescue in each episode to help renovators that are in too deep. Watch as they highlight some of the most common renovation mistakes, while showing you the best ways to fix them.

2. This Old House

This DIY/Renovation classic premiered in 1979, but keeps getting better with age.  This Old House is home improvement basics gold, with some of the best experts in the industry sharing no-frills skills to aid in an array of projects.  You’ll appreciate the realistic concepts and educational backbone. 

3. Hometime

Hometime is a classic for the DIY renovators.  It’s one of the longest running home improvement shows on television, geared towards making your DIY projects a lot simpler.  This is the perfect show if you need tips on your smaller projects, or just need some inspiration on what to do with your current space.  

4. Fixer Upper

Aside from being informational and creative, this show is pure entertainment.  Chip and Joanna Gaines are couple gold and can tackle any renovation.  This design team of your dreams will give you all the inspiration you need to complete projects you didn’t even know you needed to complete.  If you’re antsy for something different, tune into Fixer Upper–you’ll be binge watching it in no time.  

5. HouseImprovements

This YouTube series is a great go-to when you’re looking to tackle a specific project.  HouseImprovements is based on one simple concept: How-to.  This is perfect for all types of renovators, including those who need more information on a specific step, or someone who is new to the renovation world.  Quick tips are the key to its success!

We hope this blog was helpful for all your renovation ideas.  Not ready to tackle projects on your own?  We are here for all of your residential projects needs.  Contact us today to speak with the experts!

2021 Colors of the Year
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2021 Colors of the Year

Pantone isn’t the only source of inspiration for colors to design your life around. See which colors Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and more have declared as 2021’s Color of the Year and tips on how to incorporate these bold colors into your life.

Looking ahead to fun and relatively simple New Year’s projects, we’re thinking about updating interiors with bold, fresh paint colors. As we look to close out a difficult year, 2021 is the year of optimism colors that exude warmth, hope and strength.

If you’re considering refreshing your walls, ceilings, or cabinets with any of these stunning colors in the new year, consult your local painting professionals at RenovateResidential by ProGroup to have us tackle this project with ease. Call 866-RES-RENO to get your FREE project estimate, today!

Learn more about the 2021 Colors of the Year and their coordinating palettes by visiting each of the links below!

Sherwin-Williams: 2021 Color of the Year, Urbane Bronze, SW 7048 – Sherwin-Williams (

Benjamin Moore: Color Trends & Color of the Year 2021 – Aegean Teal 2136-40 | Benjamin Moore

Behr: Color Trends 2021 | Palettes and Paint Colors of the Year | Behr

Pantone: Pantone Color of the Year 2021 / Introduction | Pantone

PPG: 2021 Paint Color Palette Of The Year – PPGPaints.Com

Glidden: 2021 COLOR TRENDS (

Oh No! The Top Painting Mistakes Every Homeowner Makes
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Oh No! The Top Painting Mistakes Every Homeowner Makes

The Top Painting Mistakes Every Homeowner Makes

A guide to ensuring the best paint job in your home.

It’s time for a new coat of paint and you’ve decided to make this project a do it yourself one.  The problem is, though you may think you will save money in the long run, most homeowners don’t know what they are doing, and the results can be less than satisfying if not done right. But have no fear, we know exactly how to help you achieve the home of your dreams.

To save you the hassle and headache and to ensure you the paint job that you desire, hire a professional painting company. Professional painters have the skills and experience to make your dreams a reality, but before you sit back and relax, we have a series of ways that you can do your part to make the painting process run smoothly. We will show you the top mistakes that most homeowners make before and during their professional paint job, so you don’t do the same. These helpful tips will guarantee that you are satisfied with the results every step of the way.

Continue reading to discover how you can help to make your professional painting project a success.

Before the paint job

First Step, Prep

Don’t forget to prep. Many homeowners want to rush into painting so quickly. Excited to see their new walls, that they forget to take the proper procedures to minimize the mess. Prepping does not have to be a headache, check with your painting team to see what specific preparations are done before the project begins. Before your painting project begins, painters should move all the furniture away from the walls and use drop cloths to cover furniture and floors.

The use of painters’ tape guarantees clean lines around baseboards, windows, and outlets. In fact, most painting contractors spend a large portion of their time prepping to ensure the absolute best paint job. Most painting prep is included in the overall cost of the project but check with your painting contractor to make sure. Painting professionals know that failing to do the necessary prep work to ensure a clean and precise paint job can leave your project looking unprofessional.

Clean the walls

Wouldn’t you hate spending long hours and large amounts of money on your paint job just to realize the coat is uneven? To prevent this from occurring, professional painters will suggest that your walls are cleaned prior to the first coat of paint. Contact your chosen team of painters to see if they offer cleaning services, so you don’t have to do the work yourself.

If you are required to clean your walls prior to the start of the project, using a simple solution of water and vinegar is a great way to clean off all unwanted dust and debris and even loose hair strands. Before the first coat of paint can be applied, you must vacuum the walls and baseboards. Make sure that your painting team adds a base layer coat of primer to your wall or uses a paint blended with primer, this will provide the proper foundation so that the paint will adhere smoothly. Once you have taken the proper cleaning precautions you can ensure your paint job will be smooth and even.

cleaning walls before home painting
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Grab a Sample

We have all been there, walking into the paint store with no idea what color to choose until you have found what you think is the perfect shade for your home. Everyone has experienced a time when they were sure they had chosen the right paint color, so they order it and as soon as the painting job is done, they are completely disappointed. To avoid this, ask for a small sample of the paint to try out before committing to your final color.

The colors that are shown on the color chips do not always look exactly the same in paint form. It is important to take a sample and test it out on your wall to truly see if you are satisfied with the color. If you decide that you no longer like the color, you have only spent a small amount of money compared to all the money you could have wasted. Don’t forget to take a sample: it’s a little extra work, but less hassle.

Right Paint, Wrong Finish

So, you have finally found the right paint, but do you know if it’s the right finish? Different areas in your home will require a different paint finish to keep your paint job looking flawless. If you are unsure, ask your painting professionals what the best finish option for your space would be.

For your kitchen and doors, it may be best to use high gloss paint since it will prevent sticky fingers from showing up all over your walls. Semi-Gloss paint works well in kitchens and bathrooms because of moisture and grease that may affect the paint coating. Eggshell, a finish between satin and flat, is durable to scuffs and bumps, especially in the dining and living room areas.

If your walls have any imperfections, flat or matte paint may be your best option. Flat paint has the most coverage, so it hides blemishes in the wall. It works best in rooms that are less likely to be ruined. Make sure that your painters use the best finish for your space, it will give you the best results that will last for years to come.

choosing the right paint finish
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During the paint job

Brush, Brush, Brush

You can’t paint without a brush, right? So why not double-check that the right brushes are being used for the job. For different types of paint, different paintbrushes may be recommended. For latex paint, you will need a synthetic nylon brush and for oil-based paints, a natural bristle brush is recommended. By not using the proper paintbrush for the job, you may be decreasing your chances of getting the best possible paint job. Painting is not just about choosing the right paint color, but about the application. Proper paint application is the difference between drab and fab and the right painters will know the preferred method of application to give you the best painting results.

Paint the Right Way

Many homeowners, not knowing what they are doing, make major painting mistakes, that is why if you desire a high-quality paint job, it is best to leave it to the professionals. You can do your part by paying close attention to the painting process and being involved in every step of the way. One thing to always remember is that the paint coat should be applied ceiling to floor to prevent unnecessary dripping. Don’t be afraid to let them know exactly what you expect, it is your home after all, and you should be completely pleased with the results.

If your professional painters do not start by making a horizontal stroke adjacent to the ceiling followed by a series of brush strokes vertically down the wall, tell your painters how you would like the painting to be done. Be sure that your painters are not painting too close to the floor. This can result in picking up dirt and dust from the floor and spreading it across the wall. Now that you know what you should expect from your professional painters, you are well on your way to a high-quality paint job.

painting the right way
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Wait, Don’t Rush

Though it may seem like your paint project has been going on forever, do not rush the second coat of paint. Painters usually wait a couple of hours or even a whole day before applying the second coat, the exact time depends on the type of paint being used. Painting too closely between coats could leave unwanted brush strokes and cause the paint to peel. You would hate all their hard work to be ruined because the second coat was rushed. Allow the professionals to wait between coats, if you don’t, you could end up spending more money than you planned to fix the mistake.

Follow this guide and you will have everything you need to know in order to receive the best painting results. Your walls will be of professional quality at a bang for your buck. Don’t worry, you have all the information you need to make your painting project a success.


If you are looking for an impeccable team to help you with your next painting project, contact us! We have experience painting any surface in residential and commercial properties in the South Coast, Massachusetts area. When you are looking for your painting project to be done on time and on budget, RenovateResidential by ProGroup can help. Call now at 508-591-5579 or visit our website at to get your free estimate.